Community Action

Our dedication and professionalism at the ZINDIS Group goes beyond property management and vacation rentals. All of us at ZINDIS live in the surrounding communities and we strive to enhance the community and the lives of all the people that visit and live here. 

ZINDIS proudly sponsors The Playa Hermosa Association. “Without the strong influx of tourism capital the community suffers. And without a strong and vibrant community, tourism suffers.” - Playa Hermosa Association.  One of the ongoing community projects is the Blue Flag Ecological Program.    This program was founded in 2002 to keep the beaches free of pollution and trash.  Through education, beach clean ups, and donations, Playa Hermosa proudly flies the Ecological Blue Flag. 

ZINDIS supports the efforts of Recyle Hermosa.  Recyle Hermosa mission is to reduce trash by 60% through responsible recycling solutions, local education, and participation by all.  
As a company and privately as individuals, we are involved in beach cleanups, school backpack programs, animal rescue, and in helping area families who are in need of help recovering from natural disasters.